BudLight “U.F.W.”

Executive Producer: Brad Posten Producer: Mike Wacker Director. Editor: Ben Kaplan Videographer: Ben Ericson 2nd Unit Videographer: Mark Sanders Field

SMCU Coach

SMCU “Coach”

Agency: Spin Creative Director: Peter Edlund Camera: Ty Migota Editor: Ben Kaplan Mix: Nick Denke Color: Lightpress

Sounders Thumb 2015 Open 2

Seattle Sounders “2015 TV Open”

Executive Producer: Ryan Schaber Producer: Mike Wacker Edit: Ben Kaplan Graphics. Composite: Ben Pohl Original Composition: Nick Denke

UWB Thumb 2

U.W.B. “Fast Facts”

Producer: Lisa Hall Design. Animate. Edit: Ben Kaplan

KIRO Radio_Monica 60

KIRO Radio “Monica”

A listener profile for KIRO Radio. Production Company: Backstory Films Producer. Writer. Director: Kevin Smith Editor: Ben Kaplan Director of Photogra


All-City Seattle “2014 Trailer”

The trailer for the premier of All-City Showdown Seattle. Producers: Tony Croghan|Ben Kaplan Director of Photography: Ben Ericson Edit. Design. Color:

CHBP 2013

CHBP “2013 Recap”

2013 Capitol Hill Block Party Highlights Music: Odesza “My Friends Never Die” Edit. Design: Ben Kaplan


Seattle Sounders “2013 TV Open”

The open to all 2013 S.S.F.C. Broadcasts. Director: Brian O’Connell Producers: Mike Wacker|Rick Crawford Editor: Ben Kaplan Video: David Glass|A


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance “Van Voorst”

Production Company: Guenther Group Director. Shooter: Kelly Guenther Edit. Design. Color: Ben Kaplan

CHBP 2012 Sponsor Pitch

CHBP “2012 Pitch”

Producer: Steven Baldwin Editor, Designer: Ben Kaplan Video: Battledancer Productions Stills: Courtesy C.H.B.P.


VILIV “Brand Spot”

Producer: VILIV Directors: Tommy Oliver, Zachary Self Edit, Design: Ben Kaplan


Seattle Seahawks “2013 Sizzle”

A glorious season that was just the beginning… Producers: Mike Wacker|Rick Crawford Edit. Graphics. Color: Ben Kaplan Videography: David Glass G

CHBP 2012

CHBP “2012 Recap”

Producers: Steve Baldwin|Ben Kaplan Video: Jordan Woodworth|Chris Word Edit. Graphics: Ben Kaplan


City University “Best Kept Secret”

Producer. Director. Editor. Motion Graphics: Ben Kaplan Director of Photography: Geoff Dunlap Music: Nick Denke Colorist: John Davidson


Providence “Vision”

Producer: Backstory Films Writer. Director: Kevin Smith Editor. Compositor: Ben Kaplan Graphics: Barry Thompson Original Music: Nick Denke

Steve Perdue_IM

Imperial Motion “Steve Perdue”

Creative Director: Adam Crew Edit. Graphics. Color: Ben Kaplan Director of Photography:¬†Colton Light  

with love

“with love”

Designer. Animator: Ben Kaplan


Seattle Sounders “2010 Review”

Producers: Mike Wacker|Rick Crawford Writers: Mike Wacker|Ben Kaplan Edit. Color: Ben Kaplan Music: Nick Denke Mix: Jason Devore


Cons+35th North “Day At The Park”

Producers: Tony Croghan|Ben Kaplan Director. Shooter. Editor. Colorist: Ben Kaplan

Microsoft MGX

Microsoft “MGX”

A motion graphics extravaganza for the MGX Conference Open Client: Radarworks Producers: George Riddell|Ben Kaplan Creative Director: Kevin Smith Desi


U.S.O. “Fundraiser”

Creative Director: Kevin Smith Edit. Graphics: Ben Kaplan Photos: Wendy Wiley Camp Erin Footage: Courtesy ESPN Mix: Jason Devore

KING 5 "Trust"

KING “Trust”

Creative Director: Cherylynne Crowther Producer: Deb Ellis Offline Editor: Rico Benjamin Online Editor. Designer. Colorist: Ben Kaplan Music: Nick Den


KING “Interstitials”

Designer. Animator: Ben Kaplan


Seattle Seahawks “Suiting Up”

Producers: Mike Wacker|Rick Crawford Director. Editor. Designer. Color: Ben Kaplan Videography: David Glass|Geoff Dunlap 16mm: NFL Films